Is behkuh still dating hotshotgg

This is a communal effort where we keep things as detailed as we are able to with our volunteers. NESL Season II Finals) will rely on this thread for recollection.- Drama that has nothing to do with the professional gaming scene (e.g.

Tenatitively, sections will look like: Team Rosters will be used to update the Database. what pro Lo L players do in their personal lives are not relevant to discussion.

You may or may not agree with the decision but your opinion has little impact on the final say.)- Zero tolerance for offensive meme (e.g.

“Scumbag Jatt” has really run its course)=====Standings: Dig, EG, CLG, Mi Gi CENotes:- Dinh brothers away on family trip- TSM absent from tournament- Go Su Zuna subbed CLG Doublelift for part of the tournament- v8 Aphromoo subbed for EG Dan Dinh- Dig I Will Dominate's first tournament with Dig as their new Jungler- Elementz leaves CLG bench and join Crs (continues support role)- SYDTKO benched for Crs- AL EU becomes CLG EU (Wickd, Froggen, Snoopeh, Krepo, yellowpete)- I Will Dominate leaves co L and joins Dig (replaces Dig Jatt as jungler)- vinylcat joins EDG (Extreme Dive Gaming, aka Mak Noo N’s team)- Ace merges with Mi G (Mi G i CE is A team, Mi G Fi RE is B team)IEM Kiev, Site 4 @ Kiev, Ukraine (Jan. 22nd 2012)Standings: M5, TSM, Dignitas, SKNotes:- IEM Kiev is marked with some of the fastest offline games ever, including a 22 min victory by M5 over Sypher- M5 unravels the professional scene meta with Jungle Shyvana, AD Kennen, and their infamous Support Nunu- M5 also displayed unparalleled levels of counter-jungling with serial control of enemy buffs- M5 Genja shares the secret of their teamwork success: “You see hero, you kill hero.”- IEM Kiev peaks at 230k concurrent viewers (beating out Dreamhack summer 2011)ASUS Kings of Europe (Jan. 31st 2012)Standings: CLGeu, M5, m TL, Sypher Notes:- CLGeu and M5 show in convincing fashion that they are heads and shoulders above the other EU teams.

I’m open to ideas on what else to include in the sections. Things like the “Behkuh” drama should not even be broached in this thread.- Personal opinions of players or teams that are not analytically based (e.g.

CLG dropping Elementz does not suddenly make “CLG a trash team”.

This thread is for discussing pro drama so I don't have to read that shit in general discussion. Yeah, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but if they weren't dating, she's got no obligation.

Some drama topics as of 10/20/11:- Tree Eski says Phantom Lord sucks and they kick him out of v8, Phantom Lord is annoyed cuz he did all the work of getting the team together and says he plays fine.- Chaox has a crush on Becca (who? for quotes to disagree with: viewpoints Just her making out with other guys in front of Chaox when he has a crush on her. Why are people trying to slut shame and call her a bitch?

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Keep in mind that the Scandinavians can appear quite different depending on country.Uz tā tiek parādīts arī brīdinājums par to, ka jānomaina baterija pēc 15-30 minūtēm.Hotshot GG hails from London, Ontario in Canada and has been playing video games from a young age, including Diablo I and Warcraft 2.) and Becca made out with some dudes in front him- HSGG then left with the same girl and did [unknown] with her, HS's girlfriend dumped him and now he's back at his parent's house.- Lapaka leaves CRS, talks shit on the way out Then Chaox gets drunk and does crazy shit on his stream. just read the thread. Seems this girl left with HSGG and they did a bit more than kiss. Holy shit, I realized yesterday that Hotshot was no longer with his girlfriend after I saw him streaming at his parents house and he mentioned that he's "le single." Didn't realize it was because he fucking cheated on her. There's a difference between "this was probably not a good thing to do" and "OMG GIRLS SUCK SEE THEY DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME".Apparent;y HSGG needs a new gf now, as the previous one left him after hearing about the incident. In a few years someone should make all this shit into a movie.edit:imo, Becca needs to realize that making out with a ton of dudes who are in competitive lol is a bit silly and makes you look like a slut. It's especially terrible in the reddit thread.

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