Arashi dating rumors

Or, Izumi protects his little charge from various rogues, monsters and bugs all while taking the role of his mother.

El poder militar había empezado a cobrar importancia en cierta comarca de Japón debido a misteriosos sucesos, con el fin de proteger al joven señor feudal, que corría peligro mortal.

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Protect him for me instead.”An AU where Izumi trades in his sword for a peaceful retirement, but Leo always finds something to keep him busy.UPDATED: 1st February 2017SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Ever wondered how μ's would be if they were in Yumenosaki instead?Well, that's exactly what you're going to find out in this story! (^_^) Somewhere in between the fleeting kisses in the bathroom, make-up fresh and lips glossed, the early morning phone calls, mugs of coffee between palms and a phone pressed between ear and shoulder, and the forty minute train rides with only his texts--void of emoticons and grammar--for company, Arashi had fallen in love with Izumi.Arashi have sheduled Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome in July and also Asia Tour such as Taipei in September and Sakurai will be holding “24 Hour Television” (NTV series) which will be held from August 26 to 27.Kara Baer was born in America but raised all over the world.

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