Sandra mccoy dating

The relationship, which had lasted four years, ended by mutual agreement in early June of 2008 with the couple stating that they 'just found they wanted different things in life.'.

Sandra Mc Coy, who is also known by her nickname Sandy, is an actress and dancer from United States.

He's been telling everyone, 'There's more to life than relationships and I want to be single.'" Mc Coy reportedly has already moved out of the Los Angeles home she shared with Padalecki. She really didn't see it coming," the source revealed further.Her first real break into the business was booking the lead role in 'N Sync's "Pop" music video.95, of Waialua, HI, died in Waialua on July 5, 2017. Sandra was born on the 14th of August, 1979 in San Jose, located in California State of United States of America.Born and raised into a middle class American family with mixed Filipino/Irish ethnicity.

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