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Between the career and my partial custody [of son Jake Cannavale] and the fact that I didn't have my dad growing up, I knew I had to work extra hard to always be here for him.

I've never had discipline for anything like I do for raising Jake. So if you got into a relationship with me, I made that clear, and that can be frustrating.

It is a topic Byrne is, somewhat surprisingly, reluctant to discuss.

‘My decisions around what I do, why I do it, financially, are personal,’ she says.

We talked colonoscopies, whether Anthony Bourdain inspired Chef Jeff, and how he wishes Ansari weren’t his only Indian friend.

I met him after he was Aziz Ansari, through a mutual friend.

‘And I think those questions are really for the producers — why are you paying women less?

I feel like actresses often get lumped with these questions, and it’s like, sure, there’s disparity, but you should ask the people in power — they’re the ones who have the responsibility and the power to change stuff.’ Which is exactly what she is planning to do, from the inside.

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‘The power to make a joke, to have the punchline — it can be very competitive and quite a masculine energy.As he explained to the , he almost didn't graduate: “I didn’t have the credits, because I failed math every year, so I had to go to summer school."Determined to become an actor, Cannavale lived with his grandmother in New Jersey while he tried to get his first big break.He worked as a bouncer at a number of New York nightclubs, including Club U. A., Café Society and Tunnel while performing in plays.The son of a Cuban mother and an Italian father, Cannavale moved around a bit after they split.He spent most of high school in Florida with his mother but ended up finishing his studies in New Jersey after being expelled.

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