Ming dao dating

Sandra also shared that she had invited Louis and Michelle to eat together three times, and every single time, Louis had become nervous and shy when he saw Michelle.

After learning about this, Joe became upset and got into an argument with Louis over the phone, blaming him for not respecting her and for keeping secrets.

He has issues with other people and he only trusts his three best friends.

He also thinks money can buy everything until he meets Shan Cai.

The argument ended in tears and each giving the other the cold shoulder.

Dao Ming Si is known to be the leader of the popular group F4, which is composed of four rich, influential and handsome students.Three of the four members of F4 reunited at former bandmate Ken Chu (Xi Men) and Vivien Han Wenwen’s wedding on Sept. To the delight of the guests, the three Taiwanese stars sang a throwback hit that steered their stardom across Asia.During the couple’s grandiose wedding reception held in Bali, Indonesia, members Vanness Wu (Mei Zuo) and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si) sang the title track of their famous 2001 album, “Meteor Rain.” The crowd cheered as the gentlemen sang their hearts out and reminisced their heartthrob years.Clips of their impromptu performance posted on Ken Chu’s Facebook fan page and KCFIC Thailand page went viral over the past few days, with nearly 295,000 and 585,000 views, respectively.The other member of the popular Taiwanese boy band, Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei), was noticeably absent at the wedding.

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