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He explains, "You don't want to do it in the make-up trailer because other people are there and that would be awkward - so she comes to my trailer and it's kind of like this weird kind of date...

and then she comes in and I have nothing on pretty much and she proceeds to rub make-up on my body." But the TV actor is trying desperately not to act on his crush to avoid a work romance - and because she's already taken.

Trammell reveals, "It's sort of like a date where you're trying not to hook up. You don't want to seduce, you don't want to be seduced.

I wouldn’t have minded the time if I had Sookie to look forward to, but I wasn’t looking forward to the errand at all. humoring Sam Merlotte by entering Sookie’s house to prove she’s dead. I can’t feel Bill.” “Your Maker.” She didn’t give any warning before she sped to the front of the house. When the microwave was finished, she offered one of the cups to me and sat at the table. Imagining Sookie as a Vampire was a complete failure on my part. I actually imagined she’d be quite difficult about feeding, as she had been about taking blood. With everything going on, we were hoping to hear you were okay, but you had a front-row seat and all.” What the fuck? Helpful, trusted friends with valuable abilities that far exceeded any check I could write. Welcome home, Sookie.” When she pushed herself onto her toes, I knew she meant to peck my cheek, but I caught her mouth with mine. A regular at celebrity roasts and an honorary member of the Rat Pack, he would often take jabs at audience members with two signature phrases: "dummy" and "hockey puck." He was a frequent guest on segment "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories." The first, about musician Rick James, became a cultural sensation and spawned more than a few catchphrases. Sam Rockwell portrayed him in a 2002 film adaptation that was written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by George Clooney.The second installment, about a surreal encounter with Prince, proved equally memorable. Barris continued writing in his later years, penning books such as .The 39 year old plays shape-shifter Sam Merlotte on the hit vampire show, and the role often calls for him to strip down.And the star has developed a close bond with the unnamed artist responsible for slathering his bare body parts with make-up to ensure they look good on camera. He's really nice but he has tattoos all over his arm.

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