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me rikey ou whore unch accept friend request Like Reply 2 mins can't even comment on a friend's wall Creepy, Creepy PMS, and Creep: 18% PM Conversation match 86% 21 Today pm wife compliment u didnt accept my compliment the way i wanted.. if wife' is creepy shit id rather be a creep and loose minded instead of uptight and frigid. I thought me not answering the first couple of times, it would be obvious that I do not. Got this right after I posted about not changing my name when I get married Apparently, Computers, and Monster: Groups Questions Stories Search Similar World people Mark as unread oldest First M Reply 1-7 of 7 You're the only person in this conversation turning anything around. Thursday pm Would you be interested in sticking a red hot skewer deep into your dick hole while l shovel salt into your eyes? don't like judging the book by the cover so l would love to talk and get to know each other tell me what you think? m looking for some friends Feb 23 PM Good friends are always welcome Awesome So what's up friend you have kik or better yet number let's talk don't give that info out until get to know Someone Feb 23 PM I understand Happy to char on here though So ok. That looks really bad Haha good one No I serious you should get that checked out Seen Common I I know, I on here for dic I figured lol Hey tell me what you think of this i need girl opinion Haha good one Common u know u on here for dick Friends Oh my god have you gone to a doctor yet?? Ph accept my request larm have photosynthesis diseases I am death in 3 month... Post Like A Share Comment Aww, Cute, and Dick: 63%, PM 4G 32 77% Match Monday pm Would be interested in hooking up with a couple? Bad, Books, and Crazy: Feb 23 PM Hello miss gorgeous l really don't take this app too seriously but I must say you have deeply caught my eye. That looks really bad BTW Feb 23 PM I figured lol Hey tell me what you think of this i need girl opinion iewed Oh my god have you gone to a doctor yet??You didn't reply to me on imgur, so I thought I'd try to find you on reddit because I really found you interesting and would love to get to know you better.I bet you get a lot of creepy PMs from assholes only calling you beautiful to get nudes or whatever (balls fists) but l see women as more than skin deep, so while you are beautiful its not all l See, you're a unique and captivating woman and I really respect and admire you as a person (wipes forehead) l hope you will give me the opportunity to give you the respect and admiration you truly deserve. (crosses arms) First of all, if you really appreciated my compliments then youd give me the time to talk to you, instead of being stuck up to someone who would do anything to put a smile on your face.

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