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“With all of the things the new administration is trying to accomplish, these regulations may be the equivalent of eating dessert after a big meal: it may come much later or one’s plate may be too full to have the appetite to get it at all,” Eric Crusius, who represents government contractors as a senior counsel at Holland & Knight in Washington, told Bloomberg BNA.

The DOL’s 2016 rule implementing the executive order mandated that companies bidding on service and construction contracts must offer employees at least 56 hours of paid leave per year for a personal illness or to care for a family member.

Trump administration officials discussed revising or repealing the paid sick leave order and the DOL’s implementing rules during earlier stages of the transition, sources familiar with the talks told Bloomberg BNA.

But in recent weeks, the regulation has taken a back seat, as employer advocates and GOP lawmakers turned their attention to repealing the controversial overtime, fiduciary and “blacklisting” rules.

31, but that signing was postponed without explanation.

The new order puts responsibility for cybersecurity squarely on the shoulders of the director of every federal agency, making it more difficult for executives to pass the buck to their information technology staffs every time a new breach is discovered.

"There will always be risk, and we need to address that risk." Trump had been scheduled to sign the order on Jan.

On this day in 1777, the Continental Congress votes to promote Thomas Mifflin; Arthur St.

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Ever since the election, one leading contracting advocate has continued to alert various administration and congressional leaders about the need to reconsider the paid sick leave order.

Alan Chvotkin, executive vice president and counsel at the Professional Services Council, said his outreach to the DOL, the Office of Management and Budget and Congress has thus far yielded a consistent reply.

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