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The first page shows a helicopter dropping leaflets and the pilot saying: My brother’s copter and every other whirly bird and jet job is flippin’ lead bullets and steel bombs!

It’s perfectly fine to disagree but it can be done without being over-the-top disagreeable. ****** “Take this golf course, somebody please.” If you know anybody who would like to get into the golf course business, check our front page to find one for sale.

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    The word is first found used in this sense by Marculfus (seventh century), who gives the above etymology, an explanation which has been generally accepted ever since, though Durandus ventures upon an alternative derivation, to wit, capra , because the tent above mentioned was made of goat-skins.

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    features both original songs (co-written by Timberlake) and some covers of popular tunes.

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    While initially distrustful of vampires upon the revelation of their existence, Sam is open enough to buy a case of Tru Blood for the bar (which subsequently spoils due to lack of sales).